How Quinoa Grown

Posted by Thomas L. Pereira

So as we know people are talking about Quinoa, where does it come from and why can it only grow in certain places on this earth? Quinoa is a funny little seed that is similar to the Camalid Llama. In the Andes we face harsh conditions, it´s cold, dry, very sunny and so in the sky that the altittude makes most travelers nauseous, but not the Llama, and certainly not Quinoa. You see Quinoa is actually a seed and its thick outter coat is loaded with protein, a resource many engineers are researching, but the outter layer is bitter and does not tast to good. Which is why before quinoa is sold to the public the seed must be washed and cleaned, and yes kind of like your clothes. After the quinoa is washed it is then dried out to prevent molding. I bet your saying to your self, wow that is a process, and well it is. Which is probably why quinoa costs so much at your local grocer. To get back to the subject quinoa has this outter coat to help protect it from the harsh environment in the Andes and keep it warm during those cold night and give it the nutrients it needs if and when it begins to germinate. So I guess to answer my question quinoa naturally grows best in the Andes because it is a warrior seed, and it has it jacket for the cold.

Although it can grow in warmer areas, such as the New Zeland, it´s just not the real deal and is found that the nutritional value is not as good, plus that coat that quinoa has, well its really good at absorbing water in the Andes where its dry, but while in warmer and more moist regions it absorbes to much moisture making the coat easier to mold and this has actually how quinoa´s first enemy Peronospora farinosa, which is a mold that can wipe out entire fields as the plant is still flowering.

So how do we stop this mold from spreading you may ask? Well that´s easy, just make sure you don´t grow it in areas that are not dry, and the other way is leaving the growing to the Andean Farms. We have been harvesting quinoa since before Cristopher Columbus and we have never had problems like this before. 

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