Andean Farmer's

 It all began with a collaboration between husband, wife and their two families. Jame Revilla basically runs the purchasing side of the business with contacts all around the Andean region and Peru. His wife Joselyn graduated with a degree in agro-industrial engineering from the local university Universidad National de San Agustine in Arequipa Peru. She has experience in the produce department working with her family and on government projects, also has experience managing people from our running our first business which was a travel agency. She plans on using her know how to make our branded products and keep our produce fresh and desirable. 

 James is a rising star among global entrepreneurs. He attended Universidad de Lima before going to work for a series of well-regarded restaurants, farms and markets. He is a true sales man and visionary, but more than that, he understands how to run a commercial kitchen to produce consistently high-quality food, and meet the demand of his target market.  Initially the couple only semi-serious brainstorming on potential opportunities to work together resulted after a couple of false starts and success working with there families farms, then James began to save money and plan for Andean Farmer´s Market.