Purple Corn






Scientific Name:

Zea mays indurata


Cusco, Puno, Ayacucho


  • Anti-Cancer Properties.
  • According to a research, conducted at the Ohio State University, anthocyanins extracted from purple corn, killed 20% of in vitro cancer cells. The scientists compared it to anthocyanins from different plants, such as: radishes, grapes, purple carrots and elder berries.
  • According to a study, conducted at the Doshisha University in Japan, the purple corn anthocyanin C3G has anti-obesity properties. Dietary C3G prevented obesity in mice.
  • According to a research, conducted at the Tokai University in Japan, C3G has anti-inflammatory properties. This is a benefit, believed to be inherited in anthocyanin.


Healthy replacement of white corn. Ideal ingredient in the preparation of gluten free pasta and baking.

Healthy combination for cereal in the morning, add some fruit and you get a complete meal.

Crunchy purple corn ready to eat. Add it to yogurts or fruits for that extra healthy crunch!